Research Verified Review

The Research Verified brand is one of my favorites on the market. I love the fact that they offer an extensive selection of supplements and provide quality and effectiveness. As a company, Research Verified take on extensive research in order to produce reliable and effective supplements to help in areas such as weight loss, hair growth, muscle bulk, thyroid conditions, anti-aging and overall optimum health. All of their supplements meet the set criteria outlined in clinical studies and doctor’s recommendations. Read on to see what I have to say in my Research Verified review.

What is in Research Verified Products?

Whilst each supplement offered by Research Verified is bound to contain different ingredients, there is one thing that their products have in common. They use the same ingredients and the same dose that has been tried and tested in clinical studies, and this fills me with confidence that the supplements are actually going to do what they claim. Research Verified’s products do not contain artificial colors or preservatives and are generally safe for use by vegetarians, although I would suggest anyone who suffers allergies to check the ingredients listed on the label.

Guidelines for Use

Each Research Verified product comes in a bottle with a label that contains clear and concise instructions for use. Research Verified is very clear and open about their products, and they are honest about what goes into each supplement. You are able to find information about what each ingredient does on their website. Reading through their website, I found a wealth of information on all their products leaving me with no doubt as to which supplement to choose for any condition I may be interested in.


All of Research Verified’s products can be purchased in quantities that will last one month, three months and six months. Naturally, when buying in bulk the consumer is given a greater chance to save money. Research Verified’s products all come with an amazing 365-day money back guarantee. This not only provides evidence of the manufacturer’s confidence in their products, but also helped to alleviate any concerns that I had when considering purchasing supplements from Research Verified for the first time. The lengthy guarantee also allows consumers to take advantage of the bulk buying discounts without fear of wasting money buying larger quantities. However, consumers must note that they need to contact customer services to arrange the details of the refund and shipping costs will not be refunded.

Customer Service

Research Verified also offers excellent customer service. There is a hotline number available to call, as well as the option for email correspondence. This level of customer service and the excellent money-back guarantee that Research Verified offers shows the ethics of this company and how much they value their customers.


If you are after a supplement brand that provides quality and effectiveness, then I can truly suggest Research Verified. Their products meet set standards, contain high-quality ingredients and are certain to help you see results in whatever area of health you are hoping to improve. Research Verified's lengthy money-back guarantee alleviates stress and concern that comes with purchasing a new product, particularly online. It gives consumers the ability to try any supplement they wish without fear of losing large sums of money and feeling dissatisfied.