Research Verified CLA Review - This is how you Burn Fat Today.

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I've spent years battling to get myself into prime physical shape. Like a lot of men in their mid-thirties, my beer gut and love of pizza had caught up with me. With my shape growing ever more distant, I decided to do something positive to turn my life around. At first, I made steady progress as I followed what most would describe as common sense advice, eating less junk and expending more energy. The weight came off, and I was able to look at myself in the mirror with growing self-respect.

It was never permanent, though. Sure, the fat came off at first, and I started to work on my muscles as part of my new fitness routine.  But after a while, the fat returned.  This cycle continued for at least three years.  In some respects, I was to blame as I would relax with regards to my diet.  I always thought that once I had lost weight, I was free to eat and do what I wanted, especially as I was still working out.

It was at this point that I discovered CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a supplement made by Research Verified that has been found to stop people from regaining weight.  The key word here is regaining.  CLA does not help you lose preexisting weight, but it does prevent weight gain and is particularly effective in people who have previously carried excess weight on their bodies.  It also aids in building lean muscle mass.  I found that CLA helped me to maintain a healthy weight in conjunction with an ongoing exercise regime and watching what I ate.  I had to put the work in, but this made it a lot easier, and I'm still feeling the benefits with regular usage.

How does CLA work?  Where does it come from? A Research Verified CLA Review

CLA inhibits the development of pre-existing fat cells, and the end result is that they do not grow.  Researchers think that certain enzymes are blocked as part of this process.  Now, this may sound like the effect of a manufactured pharmaceutical, but Research Verified's CLA supplements are derived from a flower.  The flower in question is the safflower, a herbaceous plant that has a wide range across the northern hemisphere.  Chances are that you'll even recognize the yellow bloom.

Why Research Verified?

Research Verified are an FDA approved supplement manufacturer.  Each softgel capsule contains 85% pure CLA with no fillers.  This is unusual in this industry, as most competitors top out at around 65 to 75 percent purity.  Their manufacturing facilities are inspected and operate to the highest standards, meaning that you can have peace of mind when you order from Research Verified's website.

Is it value for money? 

Yes, particularly if you buy in bulk.  A one month's supply is $48.00, but a six month's supply is $142, which is half the price.  Each bottle contains 60 softgel capsules, which is a 2000mg serving.  By buying in bulk, I'm able to maintain the initial results I achieved over a sustained time period.  This is really the only way I've been able to control my weight without resorting to extreme dieting, which always goes in a yo-yo type cycle. Do yourself a favor, try it today - based on my own experiences, I'm confident you too will see results.