Healthy Communication in Relationships

portrait of a happy couple sitting outdoors

A healthy and secure relationship with another person is perhaps the most important thing that you can have. When you have someone to love, you have true happiness. It gives you peace of mind just knowing that you have someone you can count on when you have difficulties. We all want good relationships with our family members and friends. We want to find that special person in our lives and have a loving relationship that is healthy and strong. Communication is the key to having these types of relationships. Let’s discuss what you can do to have healthy communication in relationships.

Healthy Communication 

portrait of a couple sitting and talking each other To have a close relationship you need to have clear communication.  A person has good communication with another when they can freely express their true feelings and also listen closely and effectively to the other. True communication must go both ways to be successful. If one speaks, the other person needs to listen, and this must be reciprocal.   Many relationships fail because one person, or sometimes both, aren’t really listening.  You must listen when the other person in the relationship has a problem, and show support and concern for them. Only then will the person feel that they have someone on their side, someone who cares for them, and loves them. This feeling will cause their self-esteem, which is another important part of a healthy relationship, to grow.

When there is healthy communication in relationships, trust and respect will follow. Some couples appear to be in a perfect relationship, but even this will be tested. Each party need to show that they trust and respect the other, and this will make the partnership run more smoothly. When you and your partner have an understanding, then problems and difficulties can be resolved more quickly and easily.

Learn To Compromise 

portrait of a couple sitting and talking each other Compromise and negotiation are important aspects of a healthy relationship. When there is a disagreement between you and the other person, you must both communicate, talk it out, and negotiate with each other. Both parties may need to give up something, and make a sacrifice or a compromise. This may be the only way to get to a solution that both parties agree on. A resolution is good for both sides and each should be grateful to the other for compromising. It is okay to take a stand on something that you truly believe in, but also you must think about how the other person will feel. You can be assertive, but you must always be respectful, and certainly not aggressive or intimidating when giving your point of view. Be considerate about what the other person thinks and believes.

Healthy communication in relationships involves both giving and taking. When both parties try their best to make the relationship work,  it will work. It may not always be smooth and easy, but things will usually work out for the mutual benefit of each person.