mature woman looking herself at the mirror

Tips For Making The Most Of The Aging Process

Mar, 30th 2017

You can't stop the aging process and you can't reverse it either. It is more important for you to ensure that the time ahead is enjoyable and healthy...

smiling woman holding balloons

How to be Happier

Jan, 27th 2017

Many people tend to drift through life from day to day without ever stopping to consider exactly what they want or expect from life, and whether they...

portrait of a happy couple sitting outdoors

Healthy Communication in Relationships

Apr, 7th 2017

A healthy and secure relationship with another person is perhaps the most important thing that you can have. When you have someone to love, you have...

jumping woman on the field with petal of flowers

Freedom - Now It's My Turn To Live!

Jan, 24th 2017

We get a number of years to prepare for the empty nest. Wouldn’t you think that would make it easier?  Actually, no. I think it makes it that...

Enjoying a Healthier Thanksgiving

Enjoying a Healthier Thanksgiving

Nov, 7th 2017

There is an expression in Spanish that goes “Una vez al año no hace daño.” Literally, this expression translates to once a year does not do...

portrait of beautiful thinking woman

Choose Positive Thinking To Carry You Into Your Golden Years With Grace And Joy

Nov, 13th 2016

Growing older is unavoidable. Only you can control how you age.The following tips will help you feel young for longer. Sometimes one reaches a point...

woman exercising and stretching

Basic Tips for Healthy Living

Jan, 7th 2017

People are becoming more aware of their physical condition, and are taking their health and diet more seriously.There is no food which can provide...

woman holding a glass of milk

Add Dairy to Your Diet the Smart Way

May, 29th 2017

If you are working toward healthy eating, one worry might be that you're adding too much dairy to your diet because these products are usually...

portrait of green coffee bean fruits

About Green Coffee

Dec, 16th 2016

The coffee plant used to make espresso, latte or the other caffeinated drinks is the same one used to get the green coffee extract. The main...