About Green Coffee

portrait of green coffee bean fruits

The coffee plant used to make espresso, latte or the other caffeinated drinks is the same one used to get the green coffee extract. The main difference is the type of coffee plant and the ingredients it contains. Namely, roasted coffee for drinking is made mainly from the fruits and seeds of the Robusta coffee plant, whose seeds contain phenolic acid. These seeds are harvested, roasted and ground to get the perfect coffee most people enjoy throughout the day. The Arabica coffee plant, on the other hand, is the type used to make green coffee extract. The Arabica coffee seeds are used, green and fresh, to make the extract rich in chlorogenic and caffeic acids. Because the seeds are not boiled or treated in any other way, they do not contain substances known as cafestol, blamed for the unwanted increase of “bad” cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) in the blood in people who drink coffee, especially espresso.

green coffee plant

When talking about the effectiveness of green coffee beans the most important factor is actually weight loss aided by the green coffee extract. This extract has been proven to provide significant fat and weight loss in overweight individuals after only a few weeks of use. Patients tracked in one study have lost over 17 pounds in 3 months of using green coffee extract. This was not just the weight the patients have lost, but also more than 10% of their body fat. These positive effects have been attributed to the high amount of chlorogenic acid present in raw coffee beans, which boosts the metabolism and decreases glycogenolysis (release of glucose) in the body. Both of these mechanisms are found to help human organisms use the fat cells as the source of energy for the body, thus leading to weight loss. Green coffee beans' effectiveness is noticeable on several other fronts, such as the decrease of high blood pressure, maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels and last but not least, migraine drug enhancement. Individuals suffering from high blood pressure can also verify green coffee beans effectiveness. For hypertension patients, green coffee extract can be a natural and healthy alternative to prescription medication.

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Before taking a step towards taking green coffee supplements for this purpose make sure to consult your doctor and see if this treatment is right for you. Using green coffee extract is also beneficial for maintaining healthy levels of glucose in the blood. The inhibition of certain enzymes, provide the slower release of glucose into the bloodstream and for the stabilization of blood sugar levels. Migraine sufferers have reported yet another green coffee effect. Patients who took medication found it to be more efficient when used in combination with any caffeine product, including green coffee.