About Corey Spears

My name is Corey Spears - “Don’t worry, Corey“ to my friends.

I’ve been blogging for about a year now. My blog is about health, life and happy living! At 34 years old, I feel just like a kid. I have a great appreciation of life, energy by the bucket loads, good health and an ability to LIVE life every day, as opposed to just surviving it. I have a great job, supportive family and a passion and zest for life that I consider a gift. I hope that in some way, the information I include in my blog, motivates and influences you in a positive way, to change your life for the better. I love sharing my stories and knowledge and hope that my small blog is an inspiration to other happy souls out there.

 I am a Yoga and fitness trainer, based in a rehab center, on the beautiful East coast. During the the last decade of my life, I’ve  worked my way up to now be in a privileged role as a consultant, which means in between projects, I have spare time. A luxury, I know. So I spend this time wisely. I learn….I train…..I eat well….And smile a lot! My site is aimed at anyone interested in a healthier life, to travel through your days in the most happy way possible. For me, there is nothing more fantastic than discovering your new found skills, passions and joys, reaching a healthier and happier self.

I understand the pressures of balancing life, work, family, aging and how things change…..all the good and all the bad. But, I am the eternal optimist, which helps when trying to live a healthier, more fulfilling, happier life. Take from this blog what you want. Pass on and share what you want. But make sure that you do one thing - LIVE life and ENJOY!!