7 Reasons Why My Healthy Lifestyle Matters to Me

portrait of a family running together

A healthy lifestyle is important for so many reasons and affects us favorably on so many fronts. Here are seven reasons why my healthy lifestyle matters to me.

  • I feel good. My healthy patterns uplift me. I like my life. I wake up every day with a spirit of exuberance and know I am up for whatever the day may bring.

  • I feel good about myself. I like myself. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle gives me a good outlook on life, and more importantly, I feel good about myself. I am my own best friend and I have learned how to take care of myself. When I like myself, I am in a better position to also like others, so the benefits compound and extend beyond myself.

  • I feel good about my body. My healthy and active lifestyle includes good fitness. I love my body and enjoy the physical benefits I gain from working out, keeping fit, and staying in shape. I feel agile and energetic, and have confidence in my body image and in the way my body works for me. This improves my sex life and enhances my enjoyment of physical intimacy.

  • I feel good about my healthy choices. Making healthy choices daily can sometimes be a challenge, but when I pause and remember how good I feel about my healthy choices, I find automatic reinforcement. My good choices reinforce future good choices, and the healthy lifestyle choices just get better and better. I enjoy the boost I get from realizing and claiming my good choices that have brought about my healthy lifestyle.

portrait of a female eating healthy foods

  • I feel good about my diet. Eating well, and finding the diet that really treats my body well is exhilarating. It took me quite a while to find the right eating plan for me, but I finally learned to eliminate foods that worked against my body (sugar, wheat, and dairy) and have incorporated diet practices that make me feel great. By incorporating foods that are beneficial to my body, I feel like every meal is a feast. Not only is what I eat appealing, highly nourishing, and loaded with flavor, it gives me great pleasure to know I am providing sustenance to my whole being.

  • I feel good about my relationships. All of my good health practices produce healthier choices in my relationships. I find myself better able to deal with challenges and irritations. I am more patient, a better partner, more compassionate, and even more fulfilled in my work. My relationships benefit.

  • I feel good about my future. Being happy and feeling great about my healthy lifestyle, I look forward to what is ahead. Keeping myself healthy and fit serves as protection for all kinds of diseases. Plus, my healthy attitude toward life doesn’t hurt either. Cheers!